Ship brokerage:
A combination of firsthand knowledge of offshore operations and first class market contacts means we can find the right vessel at the right price. Whether you’re looking for tugs or supply boats, our expertise will give you the best options on offer.

Due diligence:
Whatever the size of purchase you’re considering, it make sense, particularly in the current market to properly assess potential costs, profits and risks. With our mix of technical, financial, operational and management expertise we can provide a total assessment, aligned to current market conditions and taking into account factors specific to a particular locale.

Operational turnaround:
Whether you’re talking about equipment or people, optimum performance is crucial to get the most out of an operation. We can assess an operational set-up for potential problems, recommend the best options and even manage any course of action you choose to take.

Project evaluation:
No matter how a project turns out it’s vital to carry out an honest appraisal of what went well, what didn’t and what could be improved on for next time. By acting as an external evaluator we can ensure your project will get the thorough, objective, professional review that means improvements in performance, quality and ultimately profit.

Contract negotiation:
Managing contracts in different cultures can present many challenges to the uninitiated. We can advise on how to negotiate in local areas for services or be involved in the direct negotiation of charter contracts either as an advisor of a member of the negotiations team

Operational mentoring:
Even for the most promising new managers it can take time to acclimatise to operational work overseas and to different cultures and business methods, especially when taking up an overseas post for the first time. By acting as an advisor, we can accelerate the learning process and help them become more effective managers, more quickly.